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Photo by Glenn Sakamoto
Photo by Glenn Sakamoto

(Announcement: November 6, 2012) 


Dear friends,

Thank you all for reaching out to us here at Hawaiian Pro Designs (HPD) and expressing your love, gratitude and epic memories of our founder and master shaper, Donald Takayama.

Some folks have expressed concern about where HPD goes from here without Donald at the helm shaping, inspiring, and directing the future of its board designs.

Fortunately, Donald had the foresight to have every one of his designs meticulously scanned by cutting edge technology, so his stellar team of shapers and board builders could replicate every one of his models. In fact, he's been with his current team of trusted artisans for over a decade, and HPD, for many decades prior to that, had always taken pride in making the world's best surfboards. Tommy Maus and Charles Kirkley will continue to handle the shapes—both were trained and mentored by Donald for many years—while his long time trusted laminator Wayne Hoshizaki will continue to do the finest layups found in the entire surfboard industry.

In short, you can expect to get the same high quality surfboards you've come to expect from Donald all these years.


Donald Takayama's HPD Licensees in Australia, Japan and U.S. East Coast will continue to produce surfboards and distribute them as they have for many years, so please continue to work with them in a "business as usual" fashion. Other international dealers as well as those in Hawaii and U.S. West Coast may contact Noah Shimabukuro at Noah Ka Oi Surf, or 760 722-0195. Non-wholesale customers can visit to find a dealer near them.

We appreciate the continued support, and together let's keep Donald's legacy alive.

Mahalo and much aloha,

Hawaiian Pro Designs


Hawaiian Pro Designs surfboards, apparels and accessories are available at Noah Ka Oi Surf online store

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