Epoxy Flyer Surfboards


Hawaiian Pro Designs is proud to announce Donald's newest innovative project.  


Taking things to the next level in Epoxy surfboard construction, Donald commissioned a new line of Epoxy SUP and Surfboards, the Epoxy Flyer series.


Donald was really excited about the Flyers and completed the development of the Flyer series just before he passed away.    


Taking everything that was learned from former Epoxy production projects, Donald combined the advantages  of durability and performance found in Epoxy/EPS methods with the flexibility and responsiveness of a custom board. Epoxy Flyers represent the leading edge of traditionally hand-built  foam and fiberglass SUP's and Surfboards. The result is the Epoxy Flyer built in E.P.C..tm  Technology by Horizon Enterprises, licensee for the Epoxy Flyer project.


Epoxy Flyers will be available in a range of stock lengths and colors as well as by custom order.


The Epoxy Flyer series will be introduced in the USA in January, 2013 at Surf Expo by Horizon Enterprises, licensee for the Epoxy Flyer series.


For Japan and Asia, look for the release of Epoxy Flyers by WOW Action Sports in February, 2013 at the Interstyle Tradeshow, Tokyo.


Contact Horizon for US, Europe and the Americas at info@horizonwatersports.com 


Contact WOW Action Sports for Japan and Asia/Pacific at fred_wowactionsports@yahoo.com   




More photos:

*The boards shown in the photos above are samples. Actual Epoxy Flyer Surfboards may look different, using different color schemes and logos. 


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